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It’s seems like the world is becoming more and more divided, but many good initiatives are finding each other and joining forces. We are happy to have teamed up with ‘For a Better World’ and are looking forward to working together on various projects, activities and actions. If you attended the ReThink Festival on July 1 in Berlin, you probably already met them and learned about their cool manga project, created to inspire positive actions in order to change the world into a better place. Their manga adventure is now published and we invited them to present it here at ReFashionReFood – Be The Change.

Blog contribution by ‘For a Better World’

“Apparently, human race cannot find the solution to the acceleration of environment destruction, wars, corruption and human rights violations.

For a Better World Manga has 111 pages of adventure, fiction and reality in a thrill of actions that gives chills. The background images are unique and the futuristic looking of figures reminds of science fiction movies.


But there is something really disturbing about the general setting. Whilst the heroes’ looks are fictive, all the chapters are based on real life stories. It is all about the world we live in, the problems and solutions presented in a very original and dramatic way.

In the story three heroes are on a quest to make the world a better place. They fight against a group of powerful evil men in black, who represent all that is wrong in the world and are at the roots of the world’s problems.fbw-powerownersAll background scenery photos, with a few exceptions, are our own unique photos.

We travelled around the world for the last four years to see the state of the planet with our own eyes. At the end of this period we created For a Better World – a worldwide community aimed at bringing peace, social justice and environment protection.

We did extensive research and linked our findings to what we saw during our travel. We made a selection of more then 200 documents collected from media and institutional sources and wrote the text ‘Unveiling the Hidden Reality”. This documents are unveiling the mechanisms by which domination and exploitation takes place on earth. This text became the theoretical background of our Manga.

Before visiting the last country of our trip, Japan, we had the idea of creating a Japanese style Manga. It would be an original vehicle to present our findings in a dramatic and expressive way.

We did not know how to develop this idea and thought its accomplishment would be almost impossible. First of all we are not skillful enough to paint or make Manga drawings. Secondly we did not have any funds to pay an artist to do it. The possibility of having our own manga was compromised. It was during a casual visit to the Manga Museum that we found out about a computer aided Manga graphic design software. Our project was ready to take off.The Manga is now for sale on our website. We hope all will enjoy it and that it may help to make the world a better place.”

– For a Better World



For a Better World Manga